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about us sponsors and trains new drivers for Uber and Lyft.    We've  aggregated the tricks of the trade from experienced ride-share drivers and created a Master Driver Training Course for New Uber and Lyft Drivers.   Even if you aren't interested in our driver training course, please feel free to browse through all our webpages here on our site.   There is a wealth of information here about driving for Uber or Lyft.   Go to the top menu and scroll down through all our pages.


MYRS was started by myself, Brett Dickman, as a way to share what I've learned as a ride-share driver with others that are considering moving down that path.   I drive for both Uber and Lyft and have about 3,000 rides under my belt with an average driver rating of 4.96.   The content on this website has been aggregated from the collective experiences of myself and other experienced ride-share drivers. 


It's seems pretty straight forward.  Just apply, get approved, turn on the app, and start receiving ride requests..............simple, right?

Well, it is and it isn't.  Most potential drivers all have similar questions and concerns that involve things like:

  • decision making process of whether or not to choose to ride-share drive

  • which platforms to consider (Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, GrubHub, etc.),

  • whether or not your vehicle will qualify and if so which category (UberX, UberBlack, Lyft, LyftPremier, etc.) 

  • options for renting or leasing a car to be used for ride-share driving

  • questions regarding New Driver Sign-Up Bonuses

  • how long does it take to get approved

  • what kinds of background check issues might effect my application

  • how and where to get your car inspected

Then, once approved to drive, Level One drivers will need to know things like:


  • how to download the drivers apps

  • how to use the driver apps

  • what to do if a passenger doesn't show up

  • how to set the destination back towards your home

  • what to expect when driving at airports

  • how get into the driving que at airports

  • where are Uber and Lyft drivers allowed to pick up passengers at airports

  • how to best schedule your day for ride-share driving

  • how to find your way around in cities you're not familiar with

  • how do the weekly driver bonuses work

  • how to get paid instantly

And then, after driving for a couple weeks or so and having gotten your feet wet with some experience, you'll start to refine your thought processes and begin to strategize more about how to maximize your income and how to dial in your car to be more like a limousine, as opposed to a taxi.   So you may have questions like:


  • what areas are best for long rides

  • what areas are best for short rides

  • what times are busiest and where

  • how does surge pricing work

  • do passenger and driver ratings really matter

  • how can I improve my game to get more tips

  • should I have water on-board for passengers

  • are there any apps available to help with strategy

  • how to set yourself up for maximizing income tax deductions

  • how to log mileage so you can write it off 

  • what are the best apps for logging mileage  

  • how do I know if the ride-request is going to be a long ride away from my home

  • how to set up my car so I can be a safer driver

  • should or shouldn't I be having conversations with my passengers

  • should I ask my passengers what kind of music to play


This is obviously a subjective classification of drivers that myself and other ride-share drivers have agreed upon for the purposes of this website.   By and large, though, the common attributes that all Level 3 drivers have in common are:

  • systems for all aspects of their driving profession are in place

  • daily routines and time-schedules are maintained to ensure they have time to achieve weekly bonus requirements

  • drive during peak hours and/or weekend evenings

  • "Money Spots" are established throughout the region

  • vehicle is covered with ride-share insurance 

  • car is washed and vacuumed daily

  • driver rating is 4.9 or above

  • drive like it's a limo service and NOT a cab


Level 4 is for those drivers that have the desire to turn this into a business.  There are additional streams of revenue that can be tapped into related to driving for Uber or Lyft.  Referral bonuses, training new ride-share drivers,  and affiliate marketing  all from having a website like this are additional ways to really step up your income.


For those of you just starting out I hope this website and the community we are building helps you get most of your questions answered.   If you choose to use one of our referral links to sign up to apply to drive for Uber and/or Lyft, you'll be eligible for a New Driver Sign-Up Bonus.    You'll also have access to myself or another knowledgeable, active driver so you can reach out to us for help during your first 90 days as a driver.   


As a small reward for those drivers we refer, you'll get a $25 Amazon Gift Card once you hit your ride requirements.

If you like what you see here and trust us for your content, please help us grow this website by using our FORUMS to discuss ride-share related topics with other drivers. 


Please like us on Facebook and any other social media channels you may use by using our links at the bottom of this page.


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