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The information contained on this website has been aggregated from the collective knowledge of active Uber and Lyft drivers. does not guarantee the authenticity or validity of such information as it applies to the rules, regulations, and best practices set forth by Uber or Lyft.    The intent of this website,, is:

  •  To inform potential ride-share drivers of financial incentives given out to new drivers

  • To foster knowledge of ride-share fundamentals

  • To provide specific guidance and mentorship to new Uber and Lyft drivers

  • To provide a community forum so experienced ride-share drivers can share ideas, strategies, processes, and stories to help eachother and new drivers

  • To organically generate ride-share driving best practices from the collective knowledge and experience of its users

MasterYourRide-Share cannot be held liable for information or advice gathered from users here on this website.   We take ethics and morals seriously and will do our best to manage the intentions and integrity of the content generated from our site users, members, and visitors.   We expect our users to monitor and govern the information that is submitted to the forums pages.  Any postings that may be construed to be blatantly untrue, offensive, malicious, suspicious, conspiratory,  or criminal in any way should be reported to us via email, text, or phone.    Please use discretion and always check with Uber or Lyft before assuming what you hear on this website and from it's users to be factual.  For the most part, just like with any blog article, the content generated on this website is subjective and from the opinions of it's users.

Uber and Lyft do not formally provide a training program for their drivers.   This website has been created to help fill that gap in the learning process for new and experienced ride-share drivers.     We do our best to provide timely,  relevant, consistent, and user friendly content that has been evaluated to be of "value" to our users.  Training for new drivers is available from us in the form of referral/sponsorship.   If a potential new driver for Uber and/or Lyft decides to take advantage of sign-up bonuses offered to them, then a referral code (from an active Uber or Lyft driver) must be used at the beginning of the application process for each platform. provides new drivers with referral links to use to navigate over to and   The referring driver's name and profile pic will be displayed on the Uber and Lyft webpages with the invitation offer that applies to the specific geographic region of the prospective new driver.   


After using one of our referral links to begin and then submit their new driver application, the applicant new driver is then eligible to receive mentorship and guidance from an assigned sponsor.   This simply means that a knowledgeable and active Uber or Lyft driver will be assigned to them to answer any questions or concerns that a new driver may encounter during their first 90 days.   Communications between sponsors and sponsees (new drivers) should be done through email or text.  Live phone calls can be scheduled, also, via email or text. does not charge new drivers for any of the content here on this website.   Any instructional training through sponsorship is offered free of charge to new drivers that use our referral link to apply to drive for Uber and/or Lyft.   We receive referral bonuses from Uber and Lyft based on the number of rides completed in a designated time period by new drivers that we sponsor.   Additional revenues to us are generated from affiliate marketing relationships that we have with Amazon, Ebay, and other online retailers.

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER has an affiliate relationships with Amazon.  We only recommend product categories and specific products that our member ride-share drivers have found to be useful for the purpose of ride-share driving as a profession.     We do not warranty or guarantee the quality or reliability of any of the products that we recommend.   We simply find these products to be useful and/or necessary to properly conduct a ride-share driving profession.    As an affiliate marketer for Amazon products, we do receive compensation from the proceeds of sales that are generated via linking customers over to Amazon from our site.

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