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There are a few requirements that must be met in order to qualify to drive for both Uber and Lyft.  Let's take a look at these requirements:


  • Minimum age is 21 years old

  • Valid Driver's License

    • Issued by the state that you'll be driving in

      • Active licensed driving experience of 3 years for Uber

      • Active licensed driving experience of 1 year for Lyft

  • Valid Automobile Registration

    • Issued by the DMV in the state you'll be driving in​​

    • Registration does not have to be in your name

  • Proof of Auto Insurance 


  • Keep your out-of-state driver's license handy, in case you need to verify having licensed driving experience


A background check is required for all applicants and will review the last 7 years of recorded violations.   Felonies that have been reduced to misdemeanors are taken on for consideration by Uber and Lyft on a case by case basis and should not deter you from applying.  You can always appeal the decision if you get denied because appealing a decision shows a real initiative on your part to explain your intent to be of value to their company.   Backgrounds can take up to 4 weeks for a decision or can be as fast as 1 week, depending on the "discovery" that is  involved for them to perform their "due diligence".


The following is a list of "reasons for denial" of your application to drive for violations that have occurred DURING THE PAST 7 YEARS:

  • A felony conviction 

  • A drug related conviction

  • Violent crimes OR sexual offenses

  • Reckless driving offenses

  • DUI offenses

  • Driving on a suspended license offense

  • Driving without insurance offense

  • Accidents with a fatality

  • Other 

    • Multiple speeding tickets

      • more than 3 points on your DMV record may be a red flag

    • Multiple accidents

    • Anything additional that may cause Uber or Lyft to feel you may be a liability 


  • 2006 Model or newer 

  • 4 door sedan

  • Must seat at least 5 people, including driver

  • Must pass a car inspection by Uber or Lyft

    • To be schedule during the application process​

  • Registration license plate tags must NOT be expired



Make sure to get a copy of your background check.  You'll want to find out why you were denied so you can decide whether or not to appeal the decision.    If the denial is due to any of the ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS, then you'll have a chance to re-apply after you handle these issues. 


If your vehicle did not pass inspection or your car is too old, then consider upgrading to a newer make and model that qualifies you.   


CASH CRUNCH?    If financial hardship is holding you back from purchasing a new enough vehicle, then consider renting or leasing one through one of the following options so you can get on the road with Uber or Lyft and start earning.

READY TO APPLY?   Make sure you become eligible for a New Driver Sign-Up Bonus by using our referral link.   You won't be eligible for one if you don't.

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