Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for a new driver sign-up bonus?

Uber and Lyft both run sign-up promotions on a regular basis to incentivize new drivers to join. The promotions, sometimes called sign-up bonuses (Lyft) OR guarantee bonuses (Uber) will vary based on the location of the new driver. These promotions will require new drivers to meet certain requirements to be eligible. These requirements will usually include completing a DESIGNATED NUMBER OF RIDES during the first 30 or 60 days of driving. For instance, Uber may guarantee that their new drivers will make $800 total during their first 100 rides. These rides must be completed in the first 30 days. If the total earnings during the first 100 rides does not equal at least $800, then Uber will make up the difference. Example: After gettng approved to drive for Uber, John completes 100 rides in his first 30 days. His total earnings were $675. Uber will then add $125 to his account. As a New Driver Sign-Up Bonus, Lyft might offer $3 extra for each of the first 150 rides given during the first 60 days of driving. In this case, a new drivier that signed up to drive in a geographic location that is eligible during this promotion would be able to earn an extra $450 after completing 150 rides in their first 60 days. If only 90 rides were completed, then he or she would have earned an extra $270 (90 x $3.00).

How do I find out what New Driver Sign-Up Promotions are being offered by Uber and Lyft?

Because these new driver promotions are based on market demands, Uber and Lyft vary their offers from city to city and from time to time. The easiet way to check for current promotions is to follow a referral link to Uber and Lyft's websites. Each and every referral link that you may encounter from various websites and current drivers will ALL take you to the most current promotion for new driver sign-ups. The sponsoring driver's name, picture, and the promotional offer will appear on the landing page from the refferal link that takes you directly to or You can find our referral links to drive for Uber and Lyft here. Just scroll down to find the right one for you and click the "ACCEPT INVITE" box to begin.

Why do I need to use a referral link to get my New Driver Sign-Up Bonus?

The reason that Uber and Lyft require new drivers to use a referral link from an existing active driver to begin the application process in order to be eligible for New Driver Sign-Up promotional offers is so that new drivers have a SPONSOR that they can contact to answer any questions they may have during their first 30 days or so of this new ride-share driving experience. There is such a high demand for new drivers that Uber and Lyft can be overwhelmed with support inquiries. Not every city has an Uber Greenlight or Lyft Support office, and fielding phone calls from new drivers at their support centers can dramatically effect the quality of customer service toward their ride-share passengers. So, having existing drivers act as MENTORS in exchange for bonuses makes perfect sense and good business. Most of the questions that new drivers may have can usually be found on or, but it can be faster and questions can be answered in a more personalized way by just calling or texting your SPONSOR DRIVER. wants to be your SPONSOR and is available by text or email 24/ hours/day, 7 days/week. Live calls can be scheduled with Brett via text, also. We can be reached by text message or email @: 1-866-ASK-MYRS We also hope that our library of video content, forum groups, and MASTER TIPS provide new drivers and existing drivers a resource to answer their questions. We are building a community here at to help ride-share drivers to get the most out of this experience. We truly believe this can be a rewarding full-time career for most, as well as a part-time gig that helps to pay the bills and feed your soul.

How long will it take to know if I get approved to drive for Uber or Lyft?

After filling out the required information necessary during the application process, it usually takes up to 2 weeks for the criminal background check and DMV records to be completed. New drivers can be approved and on the road in less than a week, in most cases. You will be notified my email and text once you are approved by either Uber or Lyft. The Uber Driver and Lyft Driver mobile apps will usually not open up until the approval is finalized. Remember that even if your initial application does not get approved because there is an issue or line item present on your criminal background check YOU STILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW WHY YOU WERE DENIED AND CAN USUALLY APPEAL THE DECISION WITH SOME GOOD CLARIFICATION ON YOUR PART. A lot of times there may still be past convictions or expungements present on your background check that need to be discussed and clarified by the review board at Uber and Lyft. Always conatct Uber or Lyft Support to get anwers to these application questions. Your sponsor driver will not have these answers for you. Go to Go to

Is the $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD offered by Uber or Lyft?

No. Here at we will reward all our sponsees (new drivers that follow our referral links to apply to drive for Uber or Lyft) with a $25 Amazon Gift Card if they complete 100 rides in their first 30 days of driving for either Uber or Lyft. Once you sign-up through one of our referral links, we will have access through our Uber and Lyft Driver apps to monitor the number of rides you give. Once you hit 100 rides on one of the apps (Uber or Lyft) during your first 30 days of driving, we will email or text you a link to redeem your $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD. Again, we do recommend that new drivers eventually sign-up to drive for both Uber and Lyft. IMPORTANT: We also recommend that new drivers only sign-up for one at a time. This was you'll actually have enough time to hit the ride requirements and get you're full sign-up bonus. Otherwise, you'd most likely leave some money on the table, meaning you'd most likely not reach your ride eligibiity requirements to earn sign-up bonuses on both platforms during the first 30 days. WE RECOMMEND TO SIGN-UP WITH ONE PLATFORM, GET COMFORTABLE WITH THE APP AND CONCENTRATE ON HITTING YOUR FULL BONUS..................THEN ADD THE SECOND APP AND CONCENTRATE ON THAT ONE DURING THE NEXT 30 DAYS. We will honor this offer for both Uber and Lyft if you sign-up through our referral links. So you can earn a total of two $25 Amazon Gift Cards, one for each platform. But, again, there is little chance that you can complete 200 rides (100 X 2) during for your first 30 days and expect 100 of them to be for Uber and 100 to be for Lyft. You just never know which app the requests will come from, and once you accept a request on one app you'll need to turn the other app offline until you drop off that passenger. The details of how to use both apps at the same time can be found here. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. DO YOUR PASSENGERS A FAVOR. RELAX. LEARN ONE APP AT A TIME. ACHIEVE YOUR FULL SIGN-UP BONUS DURING YOUR FIRST 30 DAYS ON EITHER UBER OR LYFT. THEN SIGN-UP FOR THE OTHER. YOU'LL BE ABLE TO MAXIMIZE YOUR EARNINGS IF YOU DO IT THIS WAY!

Can I get more than one $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD?

Yes. It is possible to get two $25 Amazon Gift Cards, but you'd need to complete 100 rides during your first 30 days on each platform, Uber and Lyft. We highly recommend that you only sign-up for one platform at a time during yourt first 30 days. This way you can concentrate on learning one app at a time and MAXIMIZE your earings during your first 30 days to get your FULL NEW DRIVER SIGN-UP BONUS on that one platform. Then you can add the second platform to your ride-share driving business and earn another FULL NEW DRIVER SIGN-UP BONUS on the second platform, either Uber or Lyft. This is the best way to try to get more than one $50 Amazon Gift Card. If you sign up for both Uber and Lyft at the same time, you'll likely not be able to qualify for even one of our $25 AMAZON GIFT CARDS. DO THE MATH: If you drive 5 days a week and give 5 rides/day, you'll have completed 100 rides in 4 weeks. Some rides can last 5 minutes. Some rides can last an hour or more. You're getting paid primarily by the distance of the ride. Longer rides = more money, but you'll need to drive more hours to complete the necessary number of rides per day if you are shooting for Uber and Lyft New Driver Sign-Up Bonuses. Give yourself a break and enough time to reach these goals. MAXIMIZE YOUR EARNINGS. GET YOUR FULL NEW DRIVER SIGN-UP BONUSES + $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD. Just sign-up for one at a time. Use our referral link by scrolling down this page and clicking on "ACCEPT INVITE" for the platform you would like to start with.

How much can I expect to earn by driving for Uber or Lyft?

Uber and Lyft each have different algorithms to calculate earnings based on mileage and time. A good estimate that most drivers experience is to plan on earning about $1.00 per mile driven. Keep in mind that this is only the miles driven with a passenger in your vehicle en route to their destination. You don't get paid for mileage on the way to picking up a passenger, unless it is an Uber Pool or Lyft Shared ride in which you will get paid for mileage on the way to pick up a second passenger. In most cities, extra earnings through bonuses can be earned once you reach a designated number of rides per week. These extra bonuses will always be listed in your driver app. Any questions? Feel free to contact us 24/7 by TEXT, PHONE, or email. Live calls can also be scheduled via text or email. If our sponsors aren't available when you call, then they may be out in the field driving. Please do leave us a message, though. Please state your full name, contact phone number, and any questions you may have. They will call you back ASAP! 1-866-ASK-MYRS 1-866-275-6977

How do I contact my sponsor at

We really want to help you to get all of your questions answered. Please email or text your questions and concerns to us at the following. Remember, if you can't find an answer to your question here on our website @, then go ahead and reach out. We'll get back to you within 8 hours, if not right away. Live calls can also be scheduled via text or ermail: 1-866-275-6977

How do I apply to drive for Uber or Lyft?

Applying to drive for Uber and/or Lyft is very easy to do. You'll only need to gather up 4 documents:

  • Valid driver's license
  • Proof of Auto Insurance (for the car you'll be driving)
  • Current Registration (for the car you'll be driving)
  • Social Security Card
Pick a platform to drive on, Uber or Lyft, and then follow one of our referral links to and/or Again, we recommend you only sign up with one platform for your first 30 days. Your invitation offer for your sign-up bonus promotion will be stated, along with your reffered driver, right there on the webpage or webpage. Then just begin filling out the application and submitting picturs of your documents as they walk you through the application process.

What documents and other requirements does Uber and Lyft need for me to be eligible to drive?

The following documents are necessary for you to apply to drive for Uber or Lyft:

  • Valid Driver's License (from the state you'll be driving in)
  • Proof of Auto Insurance (Insurance card for the car you'll be driving)
  • Current Car Registration (for the car you'll be driving)
  • Social Security Card
Car rentals (see " Car Rental / Leasing Options") need to be inspected before you can drive with the driver app on. The make and model of the car is listed in your profile for riders to see. Uber and Lyft also need to add the car into their insurance policy so you can be covered during Periods 2 and 3. See " Ride-Share Car Insurance". Registration and insurance for the rental car can be submitted, also, and are often built into some of the options we list for you on our " Car Rental / Leasing Options" page.