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getting your car ready for ride-share driving

These are recommendations for items you'll want to consider to be fully prepared to drive for Uber or Lyft.  These items will help to ensure you can drive safely while using the driver app to navigate, and give you a reason to look forward to driving.
Maximize your earnings, get 5-star reviews, receive tips, and help to conserve your own energy while driving by investing in these very basic items.   Some of these items may seem extravagant, but we think not.   Sometimes you've got to spend money to make money.  Success will always materialize if we work for it.

mobile phone holders

mobile device chargers

ipad mini/tablets

bluetooth mobile phone speakers


illuminated signs

mobile/car vacuums

vacuum accessories

 essential oils/ diffusers

breath mints 

& mouthwash

trunk organizers

seatback organizers

window cleaners

cleaners & wipes

shop rags & dusters

other handy items

Mobile Phone Holders
Mobile Device Chargers
iPad Mini / Tablets
Bluetooth Speaker Phones
Illuminated Signs
Vacuum Accessories
Essential Oil Diffusers
Breath Mints
Trunk Organizers
Seatback Organizers
Window Cleaners
Cleaners and Wipes
Shop Rags & Dusters
Other Handy Items
Sick Bags Available
To make and print your own
"Upset Stomach?" signs:
  1. Order the  sick bags, acrylic sign holders, and adhesive Velcro strips above  (Other Handy Items).
  2. Download and print the file below.
  3. Neatly cover the signs with clear packing tape.
  4. Cut to fit and slide signs into acrylic sign holders.
  5.  Use self-adhesive Velcro to affix signs to headrest.

Download this file

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