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top 10 reasons to drive






Making your own work schedule and being your own boss is pretty darn cool!   Being able to make it to family functions, ball games, and more is all possible without the stress of having to get permission form your boss.  Pretty great, right?





Even the smallest of conversations is good for the soul.  Human beings are social creatures.  We know that maintaining healthy levels of neurotransmitters in the brain involves connecting with others.   A nice bonus to working for yourself is that you will always have access to making conversation if you want.






Daily routines are really important to give your body and mind a baseline from which your immune system, endocrine system,  circadian rhythm, and other systems in the body can operate.   One of the best regulators for achieving quality sleep is to incorporate daily routines into your life.   Being out of work can be disruptive to all our daily routines.





Taking pride in your car and making it a sanctuary work environment becomes a driver towards having something to look forward to everyday.  Your car is a representation of your soul.  Keeping it immaculate for yourself and your passengers can be part of a daily routine that feeds your soul and instills order into your life.  Oh, yeah, and listening to your favorite music or podcasts at any time you feel like it is pretty cool, too!





Daily challenges that are attainable can be a healthy addition to any lifestyle.  Long term goals are always a challenge to attain.  It can be wearing on the soul, though, to feel so far away from completing a challenge.  Having little daily challenges, like completing a certain number of rides or reaching a bonus, is a great way to experience "small successes".    We all need to feel successes to help motivate us.




Giving and receiving gratitude is all part of the job as a driver for Uber and Lyft.   Whether you are receiving a cash tip for a quality ride or a smile from a passenger, you'll have plenty of opportunity to share gratitude with those who pass through your car on a daily basis.  Sure, not every ride is warm and fuzzy, but we think you'll generally find that you get back the energy you put into this profession.   A thank you from both sides always feels good.




The end of each work shift always feels good, especially when you've both made a few hundred bucks and you've met some pretty cool people.  There can be a lot of satisfaction gained from ride-share driving.   And when you get a system down, the satisfaction becomes something you can count on.   Earning a regular income, being your own boss, working your own hours, connecting with others, and taking time for yourself at your own discretion are all satisfying!





The value of networking is one of the most important facets of career building.   Many small business owners choose to drive for Uber or Lyft on a part-time basis and find that potential customers step into their car everyday.   You never know who you'll end up talking with during a ride, and memorable conversation go a long way.   Do the math:  50 rides a week equals 50 potential conversations.  In sales circles, they call that canvassing!


instant gratification



One of the coolest perks that comes with driving for Uber or Lyft is the instant gratification that comes from getting paid instantly if you need it.   Direct deposits are made once a week for free.  And if you need an instant direct deposit made anytime of the day or night, you are just a click away from turning your rides into cash.





WORK in any form is healthier than not working at all.  Feeling productive is essential for everyone, and bringing home a paycheck is always good for self-esteem.  Maybe you are actively seeking a job in your field and just need a part-time job to pay the bills in the meantime?   OR maybe you have been thinking about getting a taste of working for yourself? 

What are you waiting for?  You owe this to yourself!

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