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Congratulations!  You've started a new journey.  Ride-share driving is an exciting new job opportunity that has really changed the transportation industry for the better.  Ride-share driving apps have enabled passengers to catch a ride anytime they need it and from just about anywhere. 

Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft have also similarly transformed the job market with regards to the way business is conducted by ride-share drivers.   The outdated method of calling a cab/taxi to come pick up a passenger or trying to hail one down in the middle of a crowded city has been turned on its head to make way for app-based transportation.   Using the power of computers, network technology, navigation, and the cloud to handle the very complicated logistics that are involved in scheduling rides and matching drivers with riders has allowed just about any competent driver to jump into this arena.   No more over-priced taxi fares and long pickup times for passengers.   This has been a game changer!


Master Ride-Share Driver Training Course 

for New Uber and Lyft Drivers



If you've used one of our referral links to sign up to drive for Uber and/or Lyft, then you will be able get access to our Master Ride-Share Driver Training Course for New Uber and Lyft Drivers.   Once we get verification from Uber and/or Lyft that you've chosen to sign up to drive with one of our referral links, then we'll email you a payment coupon so that you can go ahead and enroll into the course for free.  While your driver application(s) is being processed, we highly recommend that you take some time to go through the training modules from the course.   


The Uber Driver and Lyft Driver apps are somewhat easy to use, but it can be a bit stressful and, in our opinion, downright dangerous to learn this stuff out on the road.  Taking a thorough walk-thru of all the features of each software application before you have a passenger in your car is a good idea.   Of course, you're never going to get comfortable with the apps until you actually go online and start accepting ride requests.   



We have put together these training modules to go over the essentials, as well as to provide insight and master tips to help save new drivers months and months of time.  With this training course, you'll be able to quickly ramp up your weekly income.  It is typical for experienced ride-share drivers that have mastered their profession to earn up to $20 per hour more than new inexperienced drivers.   You can learn from us here or you can learn the hard way.   


This is a quick snapshot of the material that will be covered.     


Module 1:  Using the Uber Driver and Lyft Driver Apps


First, we'll take you through the most important aspects of the Uber Driver and Lyft Driver apps.  You'll learn how to adjust your settings which will allow you to set up your preferences for accessibility, navigation, and affiliations.   Audio, visual, and vibration alerts can be enabled.  We'll show you how to do that. You can also choose which navigation app to use and even enable Night Mode to make the display easier to read at night.  


We'll walk you through how to go online so you can begin receiving ride-requests and what to look out for as ride-requests pop up on your device display.  You will get a feel for using the map display, checking for surge pricing, and setting a destination from the home screen on your app. We'll show you how to check your earnings for each ride, weekly earnings and number of rides given, as well as specific details for each ride.  


Then, we'll show you how to check your ratings so you can see how your riders are able to review your professionalism, driving competence, cleanliness in your car, etc.  We will also cover the referral programs that are offered straight from the app.

In short, we will walk you through all the features and metrics of these driver apps.

Module 2:  Navigation

This is where we will briefly discuss the differences between your navigation options.  Google Maps, Waze, Uber Partner, and Lyft Partner apps will be discussed.  Each of these navigation apps has a slightly different appeal to drivers.  Some drivers change navigation apps throughout their shift based on street vs. highway driving and other variables.    Since Google recently acquired Waze, the features and functionality of these nav apps may eventually become more similar.  For now, though, there are still subtle differences between these four options.


Module 3:  Master Your Sanctuary

Master Your Sanctuary is a module we've put together to help new drivers best prepare their vehicles for safely using the driver and navigation apps, as well as to bolster both short and long-term earning strategies.   We'll recommend accessories for your car and potential features to offer passengers so you can get 5-star reviews and earn more tips.   You'll get to see what a well-outfitted car looks like, and we'll briefly discuss what's involved in the process of getting your car inspected by Uber and Lyft.​


Module 4:  Master Your Mindset

In this module we'll discuss the importance of having a solid mental strategy before going into the ride-share driving environment.  We try to give perspectives that can help new drivers to enjoy this new experience.  We'll discuss the potential level of discomfort that may arise as unfamiliar people enter your vehicle and sit with you as you navigate to their destination.  We'll talk about incorporating daily regimens that can put you into a good mood before your driving shift, and we'll connect the dots between the brain and body to build a case for the importance of taking breaks to stretch and walk during longer driving shifts.  The objective of this module is to shed light on different ways to handle the expectations that new drivers may feel.  Conversation with your passengers or no conversation?  We shed some light on this topic and others.



Module 5:  Master Your Money

Here we will explain how weekly bonuses work on each platform.   We will also talk about Surge Pricing and Prime Time for both Uber and Lyft, respectively, and we'll give you tips for how to best utilize these higher pricing rates.


We will also discuss the art of tipping and particular strategies to help you tap into this additional source of revenue.    Highly skilled full-time drivers with a gift for conversation can boost their earnings by as much as $400/mo by earning tips. 



Module 6:  Airport Rides and Toll Bridges


You may end up at airports from time to time.  For drivers that live near an airport, picking up rides from the airport queue may become a regular hot spot and a large source of income.  So this module will demystify what to expect when driving at airports, how to get airport rides, and what to avoid.   We'll also discuss the fees associated with toll bridges and crossings and how to prepare for these potential obstacles so they don't slow down your trips.


Module 7:  Ride-Share Car Insurance

Here we discuss the importance of ride-share car insurance.   This module contains the same information on our webpage entitled "RIDE-SHARE CAR INSURANCE".   We want to make sure that new drivers get this information.    It would be irresponsible for us to not emphasize the importance of having a ride-share endorsement added onto your auto insurance policy.



We hope these ride-share driver training modules allow you to be more confident as you go into your first few weeks of driving for Uber or Lyft.   You can always refer back to these modules over the next 90 days. Remember that the best teacher is experience.  So after you've reviewed each of these modules and have been approved to drive, don't hesitate to turn on the app so you can start receiving ride requests.  



To get access and begin the Master Ride-Share Driver Training Course for New Uber and Lyft Drivers:


Sign up to drive for Uber or Lyft through one of our referral links, and then we'll send you a free coupon for the course once Uber and/or Lyft verifies that you've signed up.


1)  Learn on your own through months or trial and error.

2)  Learn from other experienced Uber and Lyft drivers.

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